2014 Cambridge Agenda

IAWN Steering Committee Meeting, 13-14 January 2014

Minor Planet Center
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA


Welcome and Introduction to the IAWN, UNCOPUOS
Sergio Camacho (UNCOPUOS)

NASA’s NEO Observations Program
Lindley Johnson (NASA Headquarters)

The IAWN and the MPC
Tim Spahr (CfA, MPC)

Reports on Physical Observations

Spacewatch and Follow-up Astrometry of NEOs
Robert McMillan (University of Arizona)

Spectroscopic Reconnaissance of NEOs
Richard Binzel (MIT)

Surface Compositions of Small NEOs in light of Chelyabinsk: Implications for Impact Hazard Assessment
Vishnu Reddy (Planetary Science Institute)

NEO Spin Rates and Spectra
Eileen Ryan (Magdalena Ridge Observatory)

Arecibo & Goldstone Tracking of Near-Earth Asteroids
Lance Benner (JPL)

Reports on Survey Status

Herbert Viggh (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)

The Pan-STARRS Survey for NEOs: Present Status & Future Plans
Richard Wainscoat (IfA, University of Hawaii)

Catalina Sky Survey: Current Operations & Future Capabilities
Eric Christensen (University of Arizona)

NEOWISE Restart Status
Amy Mainzer (JPL)

International Cooperation

Overview of International Collaboration & Cooperation
Tim Spahr (CfA, MPC)

ESA’s SSA & NEO Coordination Centre
Detlef Koschny (ESA/ESTEC)

Giovanni Valsecchi (IAPS)

The Japanese Contribution to the IAWN
Makoto Yoshikawa (JAXA, ISAS, JSPEC)

The Russian Contribution to the IAWN
Boris Shustov (Institute of Astronomy, RAS)

Communication Roundtable

Communicating About NEO Science, Hazards, Risk & Uncertainty
Linda Billings (National Institute of Aerospace/NASA HQ)