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Asteroid 2019 MO: The Latest Confirmed Small Impactor

(25 Jun 2019) On the night of 21/22 June, 2019, the ATLAS team detected a possible new NEO, which they attached the temporary designation A10eoM1. As is typical, the position measurements of the object were sent to the Minor Planet Center and posted immediately on the NEO Confirmation Page so that worldwide observers might provide additional measurements on the object....
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Update on Cuban Bolide

(04 Feb 2019) At around 1:15 PM local time on Friday, 1 February 2019, a small asteroid entered the atmosphere over Cuba and exploded harmlessly at an altitude of around 40 km. The entry was picked up by ...
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2018 LA - The Discovery of Another Very Small Impacting NEO

(4 Jun 2018) Richard Kowalski of The Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) has discovered yet another small (2-4 meter diameter) NEO just hours ...
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