Our Mission

IAWN was established (2013) to create an international group of organizations involved in detecting, tracking, and characterizing NEOs. The IAWN is tasked with developing a strategy using well-defined communication plans and protocols to assist Governments in the analysis of asteroid impact consequences and in the planning of mitigation responses.

Currently, IAWN includes members from Europe, Asia, South and North America.

About IAWN

NEO News

Update on Cuban Bolide

(04 Feb 2019) At around 1:15 PM local time on Friday, 1 February 2019, a small asteroid entered the atmosphere over Cuba and exploded harmlessly at an altitude of around 40 km. The entry was picked up by ...

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IAWN 101

C/2018 Y1 Iwamoto, Denis Buczynski

C/2018 Y1 Iwamoto, 31 Jan 2019
Credit: Denis Buczynski

Comets and the IAWN

(Jan 2019) Here at IAWN, we are interested in all natural objects that can come near the Earth. This means asteroids in principle, but also comets. Comet close approaches are much less frequent than those of asteroids, but we must still keep track of them ...

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Close Approaches

Asteriod designation: 2019 FA
Discovery station: Tokyo-Kiso
Close approach date (UTC): 2019 03 16.05
Close approach distance (× lunar distance): 0.6
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