Orbit of Asteroid 2005 LW3

Orbital elements listed here are taken from the Small-Body Database Lookup, and represent the current best solution.

Orbital Elements (Solution JPL#17)

Epoch 2459800.5 (2022-Aug-09.0) TDB
Perihelion Time T = 2022-Oct-05.28915196
Perihelion Time (JD) T = 2459857.789151960746
Orbital Period P = 625.2988246149687 (d)
1.711974879164870 (y)
Semi-major Axis a = 1.431065318966362 au
Perihelion Distance q = 0.7696862496719959 au
Eccentricity e = 0.4621585475721476
Inclination i = 6.048209595807974°
Ascending Node Ω = 59.60613661769392°
Argument of Perihelion ω = 288.2391320579865°
Close Approach Time t = 2022-Nov-23 10:06 ± < 00:01 UT
Close Approach Distance Δ = 0.00762 au
Δ = 1140089 km
Velocity with respect to Earth
at closest approach
13.49 km/s
Min. Orbital Intersection Dist. MOID = 0.000905931 au

Full Orbit From Above

View of Asteroid 2005 LW3 2022's pre-encounter orbit as seen from the North ecliptic pole with the asteroid and planets shown at the time of the asteroid's closest approach to Earth. From the JPL Small-Body Database Browser.

View of 2005 LW3' entire orbit.

Orbit in Oblique View

Oblique view of the portion of Asteroid 2005 LW3 2022's orbit around close approach, viewed from 30° above the ecliptic plane. The black dot denotes the asteroid's and Earth's positions at close approach (2019-May-25).
Oblique view of 2005 LW3' orbit.
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Orbit in Earth Co-Orbital View

The orbit of Asteroid 2005 LW3 around perihelion, in the Earth's co-orbital reference frame, as seen from above (top panel) and in the ecliptic plane (bottom panel). The black circle denotes the asteroid's position at perihelion (INSERT DATE) and the open circles show positions at 30-day intervals.
Plot of 2005 LW3' orbit in Earth-co-orbital frame.
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