Workshop on Communicating about Asteroid Impact Warnings and Mitigation Plans

In September 2014, Secure World Foundation hosted a two-day workshop on communication about Near-Earth Object (NEO) hazards and impact mitigation. The workshop was organized at the request and for the benefit of the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN).

The workshop brought together a diverse group of experts from the NEO science, risk communication, policy, and emergency management communities to provide communication guidance and advice to managers and directors of IAWN member programs and institutions.

A report was prepared for IAWN and a PDF copy can be downloaded here. The report captures key findings and recommendations derived from the workshop, and also includes an executive summary and a full list of participants.

The case studies prepared for the workshop and discussed in the report are available below:

Participants at the First IAWN Communications Workshop

  • Linda Billings (NASA/NAI), Organizer
  • Laura Delgado López (SWF), Co-organizer
  • Sergio Camacho (CRECTEALC)
  • Amber Charlesworth (US Department of State)
  • Maryanne Culpepper (formerly National Geographic TV)
  • Leonard David (Space journalist)
  • Gerhard Drolshagen (ESA)
  • José Luis Galache (Minor Planet Center)
  • Doug Isbell (NASA JPL)
  • Lindley Johnson (NASA)
  • Leviticus A. Lewis (FEMA)
  • Susanna Priest (University of Washington)
  • Cheryl Reed (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
  • Michael Simpson (SWF)