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IAWN was established (2013) as a result of the UN-endorsed recommendations for an international response to a potential NEO impact threat, to create an international group of organizations involved in detecting, tracking, and characterizing NEOs. The IAWN is tasked with developing a strategy using well-defined communication plans and protocols to assist Governments in the analysis of asteroid impact consequences and in the planning of mitigation responses.

Currently, IAWN includes members from Europe, Asia, South and North America.

About IAWN

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Tweets from some of our observing signatories and other active asteroid observers.

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Tweets from some of our institutional signatories (may have non-asteroid news as well).

Planetary Defense

last full image before impact

The last complete image of asteroid moonlet Dimorphos, taken by the DRACO imager on NASA's DART mission from ~7 miles (12 kilometers) from the asteroid and 2 seconds before impact.
Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) a success!

(Sep 2022) Hi all, below are a few links to pages with information on the DART mission. Very briefly, DART was a test of a kinetic impactor on the satellite of an asteroid to measure our ability to deflect an asteroid. This is the first real-world test of asteroid deflection in history.
Links below, and expect more stories in the news as we gather more information from all the scientists involved in the project.

Happy Deflecting!

Close Approaches

Asteriod designation: 2022 XL
Discovery station: GINOP-KHK, Piszkesteto
Close approach date (UTC): 2022 12 01.23
Close approach distance (× lunar distance): 0.39
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