Document A/AC.105/C.1/L.329 -- Near-Earth objects, 2011-2012: Recommendations of the Action Team on Near-Earth Objects for an international response to the near-Earth object impact threat, aka the Charter stipulates:

The International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN), open to contributions by a wide spectrum of organizations . . . be established by linking together the institutions that were already performing, to the extent possible, the proposed functions, including discovering, monitoring and physically characterizing the potentially hazardous NEO population and maintaining an internationally recognized clearing house for the receipt, acknowledgment and processing of all NEO observations ... recommend criteria and thresholds for notification of an emerging impact threat.

Statement of Intent

The IAWN Steering Committee invites nations, space agencies, institutions, and organizations to lend their respective capabilities (e.g., survey telescope operations; follow-up observations; orbit computation; hazard analysis; data distribution, processing, and/or archiving, as well as other analyses and infrastructure contributions) to participate in the IAWN. As a condition of this participation, partners shall accept the existing set of coordination roles amongst the various existing NEO network facilities and agree to a policy of free and open communication.

IAWN Steering Committee Terms of Reference