Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Asteroid Warning Network?

The IAWN (pronounced 'eyewahn') is an organization of asteroid observers, orbit computers, physical property specialists, radar astronomers, and other scientists and communication experts that study asteroids, specifically near-Earth objects or NEOs. The IAWN is a United Nations-sanctioned organization.

Is the IAWN part of the United Nations?

No, not specifically. The IAWN is sanctioned by the UN and its organization was recommended by the UN. The IAWN does give annual or biannual reports to the Science and Technical Subcommittee of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Can anyone join the IAWN?

Yes, provided that the group petitioning to join the IAWN currently makes significant contributions to the study of NEOs, or makes precise and careful communication on NEOs and impact risks.

Who is currently part of the IAWN?

Many groups are already part of the IAWN and have signed the Statement of Intent. The Statement and signatories can be viewed here.

Whom do I contact regarding IAWN participations or with general questions?